The R-Class has been given a complete change both in the interior as well as the This will make the R-Class not only economical but also environment friendly too. For that they adopted the Blue EFFICENCY approach. They too are trying to make the R-C lass one of its classes. As most companies are taking the environment and the pollution issue seriously, the Mercedes Benz too is no exception.
This Board of Management works on the Mercedes Benz development. Weber is the member of the Daimler AG Board of Management. Mr. Thomas Weber himself. This was confirmed by Dr.

The R-Class model is an enhanced one without making too many changes on what the advantage the sedan can offer. He however said that the Indian market holds a lot of surprises and the company will be up to the task to see to it how these can be explored. Wilfried Aulbur, who is the MD and CEO of Mercedes Benz India, did not give his opinion on this new model. Dr.

No decision has been taken on the pricing of this model. This upcoming model will be in the CBU format. The Mercedes Benz Saloon offered some styling ideas and the R-Class took shape. This R-Class luxury model received a thumbs-up in the International Auto Show held in New York in March 2010. Now the luxury brand is launching yet another luxury model - the R-Class Luxury MPV.

Most of the models launched by Mercedes Benz in India have received good appreciation.  Mercedes Benz has a good market in India.

Mazda 3 2010

We question the logic behind One popular online car site predicted the current 2.3 liter four cylinder in the Mazdaspeed 3 will be carried over into the next generation at the same power output. As of this writing Mazda hasn't confirmed what motor will be used in the new Mazdaspeed 3 but rumor has it the new 'Speed will either use the 2.5 liter four cylinder from the next generation Mazda 3 (plus a turbo) or a Volvo sourced T5 (turbo five cylinder) producing around 300 horsepower. Before getting into rumored motors, the remainder of the 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 exterior includes flared out wheel arches similar to the RX-8, more aggressive side skirts and a redesigned rear bumper that includes sculpted openings for a new dual exhaust system. Unlike the previous Mazdaspeed 3, the new generation will introduce more air through a hood scoop which will likely cool off a larger, more powerful turbocharged motor.

In the front, the 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 takes on styling cues from the upcoming 2010 Mazda 3 with a smooth, sleek front end but adds one significant difference: a huge hood scoop. Often criticized as being too staid looking to be a "hot hatch" worthy of competing with the likes of the Volkswagen GTI, Honda Civic Si and Subaru Impreza WRX, the next generation Mazdaspeed 3 has been designed to be anything but ordinary.  The 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 was recently caught being put through the motions on the world famous Nurburgring race track in Germany and it's definitely a big departure from the current generation.

Mazda RX8 2010

For instance, the keyless ignition and entry, Bluetooth The premium, high-performance R3 trim includes much, but not all, of what is in the GT trim. The only option, a touchscreen navigation system with voice commands, is available for the GT only. The Grand Touring package adds a limited-slip rear differential, fog lamps, automatic xenon headlights, rain-sensing wipers, heated side mirrors, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, automatic climate control, keyless ignition and entry, heated front seats, an eight-way power driver seat with memory, leather upholstery, a sunroof, Bluetooth, and a 9-speaker Bose surround-sound system with a 6-CD change and satellite radio.

There is also a rear-lip spoiler, but it is only available on manual-transmission models. The "base" Sport package includes 18-inch wheels, performance tires, cruise control, air-conditioning, full power accessories, a leather-wrapped shifter and steering wheel, a 6-speaker CD stereo system, and an auxiliary audio jack. The Mazda RX-8 is a rear-hinged 2-door 4-seat coupe available at three trim levels: Sport, Grand Touring, and R3. However, it still has some unfortunate issues, and thus a long way to go.

The 2010 Mazda RX-8 is an amazing performer in some scenarios, and it has gone a long way toward changing perspective. While the car still boasts the trademark rotary engine, the RX-8 has never managed to capture the American car buyer's imagination the way that the RX-7 once did. Mazda launched the first Mazda RX-8 for sale in 2003, and has made one every year since.  The RX-8 is Mazda's follow-up to the classic RX-7 eight years after they ceased production of it.

Mazda RX7 2010

The first generation of RX-7 is composed of the parts one would expect What this allows is a very small and compact design that can provide smooth and high revving power. Now you get the idea). It uses rotors that "rotate" in a housing in a clock like motion. Remember that spirograph when you were a kid?

I won't go into great detail about these engines as that is an article in itself, but to give those not in the know an idea; the rotary is basically an engine that does not use pistons like a conventional engine. What instantly sets the RX-7 apart is the fact that it uses a very unconventional engine known as a "rotary engine". Mazda set out to build a flagship sports car to compete against the Datsun Z series, and the RX-7 is the product of that effort. Profile: (79-85) Mazda RX-7 In 1979 few people in America had ever driven Mazdas or even knew what the heck a "Rotary" engine was, but that all changed with the debut of the RX-7. 

However for some its all about the drive and the fun factor thats why I'll go ahead and say that the vehicle featured in this profile is for those who are looking for a pure sports car.Being a great daily commuter or a winter beater is typically a task that is sought after in a cheap used car.  For some people a great car under $1000 dollars is a vehicle that can be fun to drive and serve an economical purpose.

Toyota Supra 2010

So, a lot more is expected from the latest generation Supra. Furthermore, the Toyota Supra has also won the award of Popular Mechanics Engineering and Design Award in the year 1994. It was also in featured a list of Ten Best list for the years 1983 and 1984 in the Car and Driver magazine.

As far as the awards bagged by the vehicle are concerned, the MK2 with all its new design became a success in the United States market where the vehicle was awarded with the Import Car of the year award by the Motor Trend Group. Despite the features like traction control, dual air bags, larger wheels, additional turbo, larger tires and larger brakes, the vehicle was lighter than the previous model by 91 kilo grams. Other features include hollow carpet fibers, dished out head bolts, plastic gas tank, magnesium steering wheel, single pipe exhaust and the gas injected rear spoiler. In order to reduce the weight of the vehicle, aluminum was used for constructing its top, hood, transmission pans, front cross-member and the upper suspension A-arms. The transmissions offered by the vehicle include 5-speed W58 manual, 4-speed A341E automatic and the 6-speed V16x manual transmissions.

The vehicle offered in two types of engines the 3 liter 2JZ-GE I6 and the 3 liter 2JZ-GTE I6. The vehicle was assembled at the Motomachi, Japan, based on the JZA8x platform.  The last model produced under the Supra label was released in the year 1993 and it was the last vehicle under the Supra name and ended its production in the year 20

Toyota Hilux 2010

The 5VZ (or the 5VZ-FE to be exact) has been touted as Displacement increased from 3.0 to 3.4 litres and power jumped from 112 kW (150 hp) to 142 (190 hp). The Hilux made use of the 3VZ from 1988 to 1995 at which point it used the 5VZ. The VZ engine ran on petrol (gasoline) and all versions featured electronic fuel injection. Toyota VZ Engine The VZ was the first family of V6 engines ever used in the Toyota Hilux.

The 22R has a reputation as one of the best Toyota Hilux engine ever used for longevity and reliability of easily being able to clock 500,000 kilometers (300,000 miles). In the beginning, the 2R was a 1.5 litre that grew and had various factory modifications through the 2.4 litre 22R-E used in 1995. The 2R, 3R, 8R, 8R-C, 8R-E, 12R, 18R, 18R-C, 18R-E, 20R, 22R, 22R-E, and 22R-TE were all the variations of the R family of engines to be used in the Hilux. The R engine was a 4-cylinder petrol (gasoline) that was used in various forms from 1968 to 1995.

Toyota R Engine The R engine was the first family of engines to grace the Toyota Hilux. This article will provide a brief timeline into the history of the Toyota Hilux engine. It has since evolved many times over with some models maintaining a 4-cylinder engine although now they're bigger, more powerful and even turbo or diesel powered (or both) while some models made a jump to larger displacement V6 engines. Back then, it was powered by a small, 1.5 litre 4-cylinder.  The Toyota Hilux engine has changed many times since 1968 when the Hilux first debuted.

Toyota Celica 2010

They quickly changed to a new DOHC engine rated at The GT model was offered as a soft-top convertible, the ST and GT were given a SOHC 8 valve 2.0 liter 97 HP engine. The Celica was again still available in the following trims: ST, GT, and GT-S as either coupe, liftback models. The Celicas first victory came in 1988 Cyprus in a non-WRC, however the Celica was victorious in the WRC Rally in Australia of 1989. As the GT-Four was the Ultimate Celica of the time it made its World Rally debut in 1988 of Tour de Corse and finished 6th.

The ST165 chassis front suspension for the AWD GT-Four kept MacPherson struts with an anti-swaybar and strut tower brace, the rear employed struts with trailing link and twin lateral links per side + an anti-swaybar. The North American version was rated 190 BHP, Toyota chose to keep the suspension the same and not modify it drastically. The All-Trac became available in the 1988 US model year, the All-Trac system was also offered with the Corolla, Camry, Previa but without the turbo for a limited time. In 1987 Toyota began to export the Celica GT-Four revised as the All-Trac Turbo in North America.

At the time the GT-S immediately took flagship as the Celica range and became the official Toyota rally car, for all 4 years of production. liter was rated at 190 HP which was the 3S-GTE engine. The turbo charged version of the GT-S 2. The GT-Four included full-time all wheel drive and a electronically controlled central locking differential.  Soon after Toyota their own "Ultimate Celica" on the line: GT-Four ST165 in the Japanese domestic market (JDM).

Toyota Corolla 2010

The best way to give yourself piece of mind and protect yourself and your Corolla is to get a free quote on a Toyota Corolla Extended Warranty and see if an extended warranty is right for you and your family. Toyota produces excellent cars and trucks, but any automobile has the potential of running into serious problems. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars, so it is critical that your Corolla is protected.

A Toyota Corolla Extended Warranty will protect you if your car runs into serious problems with the engine, transmission or any other important part. All Corolla models come standard with front, side-impact & side-curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes with brake assist, & whiplash protecting front seat active head restraints to keep occupants safe. An added engine, available only in XRS models, is a 158 horsepower, 2.4 liter VVT-I engine with a five speed manual gearbox or new five-speed automatic. The main powerplant is a 132 horsepower, 1.8 liter dual VVT-I engine, paired with a five speed manual or four speed automatic transmission.

The 2010 Corolla comes in five separate trim levels: Standard, LE, XLE, S, & XRS. The Corolla is among the best of the compact sedans sold in North America - reliable and economical yet comfortable and refined. If you drive a Toyota Corolla, you should seriously consider getting a Toyota Extended Warranty to cover your vehicle. Just one major problem with your Corolla may cost you thousands of dollars to repair if Toyota's manufacturer's warranty is not there to protect you.
 The Toyota Corolla is a terrific vehicle, but like any automobile, it can run into serious problems.

Toyota Yaris 2010

What this feature does is it has As well, the system helps prevent fuel waste due to erratic changes in speed and can help avoid costly tickets from unintended speeding." Need worry no more for this new feature that new Toyota Yaris would contain also hold features that are targeted towards safety. She states, "One might add a cruise control system to their vehicle to increase driving comfort by reducing the leg and ankle fatigue that results from frequently adjusting pedal pressure. Sibyl Ringsdorf is the manager of marketing and national accounts of the maker of the Rostra Yaris Cruise Control System, Rostra Precision Controls Inc.

For those who would be driving a Toyota Yaris with the Rostra Yaris Cruise Control System in place, the whole experience would definitely be a drive to remember. The list of functions includes set speed, coast and reduce speed, resume and accelerate, controlled resume rate, and retention of last set speed as well. Aside from that, this new feature would also be containing the capability to do various things. This new system has been made available not only for Yaris with automatic transmission systems but this has also been made available for those with manual transmission systems.
However, Toyota would be dubbing this new system as the Rostra Yaris Cruise Control System. has been the brains and the power behind such a new innovation in the Toyota Yaris. Rostra Precision Controls, Inc. This would be fully electronic.

Honda Jazz New 2010

The 2010 Honda Jazz is a small family car with overall length of about 3,900mm but a smaller wheelbase to provide spacious backseat legroom. There has been a minor enhancement in its width for the year 2010, which in turn offers larger elbow room too. Two adult passengers or three children can be seated easily in the back seat. Lower front level, larger mirrors mounted on the doors and sleeker down A-pillars provide improved visibility for the car.
The comfort packages makes the 2010 Honda Jazz a versatile and clever car with an elevated level of specifications, finish with good quality materials. Honda conveys the present generation Jazz providing all the advantages of a big car at a small price.
The interior has the clever load carrying packaging and passenger accommodation. There is a greater flexibility to use an inventive advanced Double trunk and Magic motion seats combined with an intelligent suspended netting division in the rear area for load. Because of flexible/folding seats, the cabin room has increased in the 2010 Jazz to a good extent.
The latest 2010 Honda Jazz has economical 1.4 and 1.2- liter petrol engines that will live up to the expectations of the budget minded car owners. The previous version used two-valve i-DSI technology, but the present generation car makes use of four-valve i-VTEC technology. The two engines used by this car have good power and torque with attractive fuel economy. These engines are noiseless, particularly at high speeds and the driver or passengers cannot hear even the slightest screeching sound produced by engine.

Honda Jazz Tuning 2010

Stage 2 or stage 3 clutch kits are well-matched; however, stage 1 disk handles more While in matter of clutch kit & pedal it is individual's choice to change. If we talk about the H22A gearbox, than you need not to think about it so much. Don't think of changing the size of injectors. If you want to alter the intake system for fast driving you need to change it with a MAP from 90-93 civic DX Mount model.

A crafted 4-3-1 header from 90-93 Accord model will work fine for exhaust system. For more flexibility you can change its parts with other parts of successful model. Second point is there must be consistency of engine with cooling, exhaust, intake, fuel system. This means for a successful swapping it will let you make some changes into the hasports parts for general arrangement and cutting tweaking. This type of engine allows swapping.

The engine type which is mounted with Accord is H22A. It is called swap feature. The first part that should be noticed is its engine and its compatibility with other parts. Although there is no need to do any experiment with this model, yet we will talk about all tuning components in this latest model. As far as Honda Accord is concerned this model has magnificent look & great performance.

Out of which Honda Civic and Honda Accord are two high end models with latest and innovative features. However most Honda cars are expensive cars jam packed with several useful features.  Honda is a world renowned car maker company which makes small family range cars to executive class cars and everything in between to fit every budget and preference.

Toyota Financial 2010

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