New Marsedes Benz SLS AMG 2011

The aluminum structure weighs just 531 pounds, Mercedes says. Keeping the 182.6-inch long, two-seat SLS’s mass in check is its entirely aluminum construction (save for that driveshaft and steel A-pillars), a first for Mercedes Benz. Our SLS weighs only 3572 pounds, he says, nearly 300 pounds lighter than the McMerc. The SLS is a serious super sports car, says AMG chief of development Tobias Moers before taking a shot at the SLR, a carbon-fiber-bodied car that still managed to weigh in at 3858 pounds.

It is, down to its churning carbon fiber core, AMG’s first dedicated automobile and the very antithesis of the overly complex and overweight half million dollar Mercedes SLR McLaren. It is not simply a Mercedes with bigger wheels and a breathed upon V-8 or V-12. We note this here because, despite the car’s retro-gullwing looks, the SLS is utterly bleeding edge both in terms of its technical attributes and what it represents for Mercedes’ in house tuner. Height of an adult female, weight of a gallon or so of gas these are the critical dimensions of the carbon fiber driveshaft running between the engine and the rear-mounted transaxle in the new Mercedes SLS AMG. It weighs 8.8 pounds. It’s five and a half feet long.

Marsedes Benz SLS AMG Interior With Allusions to Aircraft Construction and Motor Sports Practicality 2011

As a central feature of the cockpit, the COMAND APSmultimedia The silver dials have red needles and a 360 km/h speedometer scale. The instrument cluster with its LED upshift indicator and two white backlit dial instruments add another decidedly sporty touch with their metallic Silver Shadow finish. Strikingly integrated into the dashboard are the galvanised air vents with their adjustable, cruciform nozzles and Silver Shadow finish their shape reminiscent of a jet's engines. The characteristic styling feature is the dashboard, whose powerful and dramatic wing shape makes for an impression of width. The Mercedes-Benz designers took their inspiration from aircraft construction when styling the interior - immediately bringing an aircraft cockpit to mind. Interior with allusions to aircraft construction and motor sports practicality You only need to open the gullwing doors on the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and ease into the sports seats to experience a whole new level of interior. The two matt finishes designo magno allanite grey" and "AMG magno sylvanite grey" are just as eye-catching: with their matt silk surface they reinforce the sporty character of the two-seater through specific contouring of the crease lines. This effect is made possible thanks to tiny pigments measuring between 30 and 50 nanometres. The paint covers the body panels like a metallic skin, emphasises the scintillating design lines of the 'Gullwing' more strongly than any previous paint job and makes them even livelier by means of targeted light reflections. The highlight comes in the shape of the unique "AMG ALU-BEAM silver" paintwork: the new, unique process makes the paint shine like liquid metal. New colours: "AMG ALU BEAM silver" and two matt finishes The colour charts for the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG include nine exclusive paint finishes.

Marsedes Benz SLS AMG Design Purist, DistinCtive and Passionate 2011

The short overhangs feed through into the proportions, just as does the design of the super sports car with its low slung front mid engine set well With its purist design the new SLS AMG reflects the philosophy of contemporary sports car engineering: the bonnet which measures just under two metres, the low greenhouse positioned well to the rear and the short rear end with an extendable aerofoil are just as powerful a reminder of the superlative dynamism as the long wheelbase, the wide track and the large wheels. Design: purist, distinctive and passionate. The distinctive styling of the new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG enthrals with its passionate sportiness and reinterprets the breathtaking lines of the Mercedes Benz 300 SL one of the outstanding design icons of the Mercedes Benz brand. At the same time, the new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG paves the way for the design philosophy of forthcoming Mercedes Benz sports cars", says Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes Benz Cars.

Our aim is also to create a new design icon, which shapes the incomparable legend of our brand, alongside Mercedes models like the CLS or the SL. Our aspiration is to utilise this interpretation to create the classic of tomorrow and roll out the most alluring sports car of the 21st century. The styling of the new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is not only very special because of the exclusive gullwing doors. The unrivalled technology package delivers outstanding driving dynamics coupled with moderate fuel consumption figures part and parcel of the modern-day AMG, says Volker Mornhinweg, Chairman of Mercedes AMG GmbH.

Mercedes SLS AMG (2011) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (2011) "Our customers will experience with the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG the expertise of Mercedes AMG, built up over 40 years of motor racing.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG (2011) With Pictures and Wallpapers

The brands Mercedes-Benz and AMG have joined forces to create the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG which is set to become one of the most alluring sports cars of all time", says Dr. "Mercedes Benz is presenting an exhilarating super sports car in the guise of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, which is bound to set the pulses of all car enthusiasts racing that extra bit faster. The fuel consumption of 13.2 litres per 100 kilometres (combined) puts it at the front of the competitive field (all figures provisional). The 'Gullwing' accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, before going on to a top speed of 317 km/h (electronically limited). The ideal front/rear weight distribution of 47 to 53 percent and the vehicle's low centre of gravity are testimony to the uncompromising sports car concept.

The new super sports car from Mercedes Benz and AMG makes for an alluring proposition with its unrivalled technology package: aluminium spaceframe body with gullwing doors, AMG 6.3-litre V8 front-mid engine developing 420 kW/ 571 hp peak output, 650 Nm of torque and dry sump lubrication, seven speed dual clutch transmission in a transaxle configuration, sports suspension with aluminium double wishbones and a kerb weight of 1620 kilograms based on the DINstandard this superlative combination guarantees driving dynamics of the highest order. In essence, the new 'Gullwing' offers the ideal synthesis of the strengths of Mercedes-Benz and AMG. At the same time, the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG fully lives up to all the expectations of hallmark Mercedes everyday practicality and optimum safety. The super sports car delivers a compelling mix of purist styling, consistent lightweight design and superior driving dynamics. The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG embodies a blend of consummate automotive fascination and high tech.

New Chevrolet Camaro Concept 2011

Production takes place at a dedicated production line at the Oshawa, Ontario plant in Canada. Otherwise, the car is virtually unchanged from the concept as GM has promised. GM added a B-pillar to the Camaro's body structure for added strength. Overall, the body shape is very similar to the Camaro Concept.

The Camaro features a myriad of safety features, including: Driver and front passenger dual stage air bags, driver and front passenger seat-mounted thorax side-impact air bags, head curtain side impact air bags for front and rear seat occupants, front seat safety belt load limiters and pretensioners and a front passenger detection system that senses children and small stature adults, and suppresses air bag deployment when appropriate.

The Interior Chevrolet Camaro Concept 2011

With four wheel independent and StabiliTrak stability control standard, the Camaro tips the scales at about 3,700 pounds, but is said to have a near ideal 52/48 weight distribution. An RS appearance package is available on LT model, and includes HID headlamps with an integrated halo ring feature, spoiler, specific tail lamps and 20-inch wheels. It's a 4.5-link system that includes a unique, L-shaped upper control arm that attaches to the knuckle at one end and incorporates a ride bushing in the rear. Both the LS and LT models ride on General Motor's FE2 suspension, featuring an independent rear suspension.

There is also an optional, console-mounted gauge package includes oil pressure, oil temperature, volts and transmission fluid temperature. The instrument panel gauges include both speedometer and engine rpm, with a driver information center located between the large gauges, with its readouts and features capable of being controlled via a stalk on the steering column. The Camaro features deep, recessed gauges, located in square housings outlined in chrome, giving a nod to the classic Camaro.

Chevrolet Camaro Concept 2011

XM Satellite Radio is America, with Pawadoarokku, are standard on all models, driver and passenger windows, and express up and down feature. The premium audio system speaker 245-watt 9 Bosutonakosutikkusu 1LT models can be ordered. The Camaro entertainment system, LS and LT of the six speakers and single-V6 is standard on models includes a CD boombox. $ 395 Other changes as well as the latest model year Heddoappudisupureishisutemu Camaro options list and is included in Kamaromoderu Shinajigurin exterior colors available.

The Ford Mustang V6 power despite having little more than versions, V6 Camaro driving, 29 mpg on the highway fuel economy slightly lower returns file. 3.6-liter V6 LS and LT models come with the - speed automatic or manual transmission mated to either 6 - uprated and 278 lb-ft of torque generates 312 horsepower and. The Camaro, LS, LT and SS is available in the guise.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Turismo Sport 2011

Air conditioner, including the alpha state of the art DNA technology. Mito Turismo equipment next to the list of impressive standard model, the new Alfa Mito Turismo Sport special edition also. The 16 "alloy wheels, a rear spoiler Get Cruise Control, Blue & Me technology, fog lights, audio and phone controls built-in Rezasutearinguhoiru. Thanks to these two engines, Special Edition 11.6 miles per hour in 60 seconds, a sprint from zero. The 95bhp 1.4 16V petrol version 1.3 JTDM - 2 95bhp multijet turbo diesel: the new Mito Gurantsurisumosupotsu provides a choice of two engines. This special edition, £ exterior color solid black in three sold 12 895 (standard), Biancospino white, is offered in the new Arufametarikkureddo. Genuine Alfa Romeo Eikoku announced a special edition to be released this month Gurantsurisumosupotsu Mito.

New Alfa Romeo Mito 1,4 multi water 2011

Apart from being a whimsical aesthetic, colorful addition to this, in fact, resulting in rolling resistance, minimal, by saving on fuel consumption, and serves a meaningful purpose. The Marangoni M-Power tires that were used in the car is wrapped around the green color came as a result of using the compounds with innovative materials and other high silica content. Heck, these guys were calculated Segway i2 even fully integrated into the dashboard, and it was nice to include their own Internet connection.

Have had a fair share of changes based on the Alfa Romeo 1750 Akira Makoto Quadrifoglio Verde, Marangoni Arufaromeojurietta G430 iMove is a testament to the aggressive sport hatch has been given the aerodynamics and aesthetic upgrades Randidandi . The Marangoni not impressed. We usually automotive brands such as Alfa Romeo, if you so decide to do it for someone we do not see clothes tire green about it Jump to the opportunity to learn more.

Alfa Romeo Mito 1,4 multi water 2011

Well, yes, but there is Mito some tire noise for improvement will be shown at the top of the class. Road and wind noise? The best is to get fired from a depth, with a back around quickly lift.

No 'tug of war', when it is completely absent, if there were, I think the wrong drive and front-wheel drive vehicles. Torque, such as Mito, right when the pilot, self-centered. Thanks to the electronic Q2 self-locking differential, it is most clearly has little to support that feeling at the wheel.

It may not suit all tastes, some strong 'dynamic' to find the settings Mito sports or 'normal' setting driving every day too instead of a connection for a bit, I (and perhaps to prevent a sharp drive performance if you like.) You can use the ERG is to provide a wide track through the front wheels of such a small capacity, torque is a problem, do not expect to steer clear or. Surprisingly such a short wheelbase, it is almost unfazed by the secondary roads are broken.

La Honda CR-Z va Recevoir un Nouveau moteur 2011

The source, Honda is now confirmed the fact that working on a new lithium ion battery, we certainly know that after the Japanese manufacturer to announce official details about some of the new car. Civic Hybrid has also been rumored new car can be the first in line to receive Honda's next generation lithium ion batteries. At 1,500 rpm (CVT model with 123 lb-ft) of torque in 1000. The total output of 122 cars delivered, the 128 HP is a pound-feeat.

The CR-Z offers the horsepower you can provide a 20 horsepower electric motor 102 VTEC 4-cylinder engine is a 1.5-liter i-use. However, the next-generation hybrid the same year Honda 2011 CR-Z will appear in the power train is used. After more than 200 do not know the Type R version of the show will come hp.For, Hondashibikkuhaiburiddo present, is powered by a 1.3L i - VTEC 4-cylinder is mated with an electric motor. The new generation diesel engines can use gasoline and 150 hp 1.5 version will provide a liter gasoline engine with a hybrid.

As with the current version, three or five doors, the new vehicle will be available in two versions. According to the latest report, Honda Civic was introduced in 2010, officially the next generation of sales expected in 2011.

2011 Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 200 Limited Edition

The bank opened its doors in March for unlimited 200 by then prices will be announced. As its name implies, a special type R model 200 is made. 200 Limited Edition Mugen Civic Type R in the UK will be sold through April of Honda dealers. In addition, many more types of R also enhanced chassis dynamics of the tuning range will be available as Dirafittoopushon. Inspired by high-performance R euros infinite type, 200 infinite, unique body parts, is equipped with wheels and badges. Swindon Built R standard features, and skirt, 200 infinite 'design of thunder, infinite, but boasts exclusive front and rear bumpers to infinity 19 inch alloy wheels (the i - VTEC engine a scream, which includes the 201PS Honda) rear badge is limited to an infinite number of plaques, Surippudifarensharu Limited, Championship White exterior paint, gloss black door mirrors. This limited edition Honda Type R (UK) has continued the association between subsidiaries of Honda and Chuningupatona Nozanputonbesu infinite. 2010 BTCC Honda year to celebrate the launch of the team, Honda (UK) exclusive unlimited devices, Hondashibikkutaipu year 2011 R Limited Edition Civic Type R Mugen enhanced 200 pieces limited edition unleashed that.

Honda Produksi Civic Type R 2011

Armed with its power, the Civic, 235 kpj it is possible to race through. Achieved within 6.6 seconds, 100 kpj rate (/ h in / kpj 0 km) from the station into a pretty decent speed. Engine power is directed to the wheels through six levels of acceleration of the manual transmission system.

As with previous generations, 5600 rpm 7800 rpm 2000 by generating 201 horsepower and a torque of 193 newton Civic Type-cc engine that holds the R 2011. Previously, these areas are red and white colors dibalur. New colors, Cyrstal Black Pearl, fuel tank cover color variations, the license plate is a marker of change. Honda's call was to be sold in Japan in mid-2011, 1,500 units of a brand new Civic Type has been changed slightly compared to previous generations. 2009 Honda (Japan) at the end of 1850 imports of British cars cars.

R Motahondashibikkutaipu Japan has launched a European version. (Civic) Type R only, Swindon, are produced in the factory Honda of the UK, as well as their production, such as Japan, Europe, which are sold in certain countries outside Europe," these pages Call. The three door car engine in late 2010 for CO2 emissions levels are judged not to meet emissions standards began five euros will not be produced anymore. writing Monday (1 / 11), so that once a model has been sold to Japan was the last model produced in the UK. Interestingly, the all-new hatchback, 1,500 units were produced, the price yen, or about 300 USD 334800000.

New Nissan GT-R 2011

Finally Nissan, GT, R 2011, Japan announced details of the November 17 positive Parda launched next. It is Nissan's latest generation of mobile sports performance proudly displays the plural form of the Jews from jugum Seger. Egoist fence only GT-R is the extra circuitry that is, secondary and special now for six Tesutobarianto Club Track column. Another version of Varian is pure black edition, premium edition, SpecV a stage.

Jiarina the specifications given R GT race went to the club's track was designed. During the ITU, the egoist, almost 20 colors Odiopuremiamubozudan offers a range of luxury equipment and the selection of the same interior. Parda fence outside the more prominent change has been published Furontogurirubanpa of Dan. Style Press (downforce) to a secondary air barrier percent while increasing 10 (CD) is a factor of 0.26 to 0.27 and now. Powerpoint Mobiruji the weight is 10% and improving on the back flow of air behind the bumper design changes contributed to the increase in grip reduction.

Control (DOF) as a solid black baton - are changing, carbon, using a folding center console stage baton, similar to the navigation instrument made Padapaneru Padainteria. Design model race seat (bucket) will change the plural jugal can give more to the comfort of a wireless BAI. As a result, the 44 3.8-liter V6 530 PS Taboganda power of the prince of the top 612 multi-stage engine performance is achieved by increasing the rise PS@6.400 pressure turbo sliding valve opening speed of the body of Dan Comparison of the time Danbahan Bakar's air mixture, a combination of disposal is equivalent to nearly exhaust Big.

Nissan GT-R Overview 2011

Free the Cold weather package, we include wheels and tires and a special cooling. Heated front seats are standard equipment. The new 2011, a navigation system includes real-time traffic and weather warnings.

In order to store digital music files on your hard drive navigation system is standard. Available safety features, ABS, traction control, antiskid system, Katensaidoeabaggu, includes front side airbags. 20-inch wheels with run flat tires and sport suspension are all-wheel is a standard drive. The shift of the steering wheel, the paddles are included for manual operation. 6-speed dual-clutch automatic operation as the automatic and manual transmission, the team. 3.8-liter V6 engine is only 485 hp turbo. The base is obsolete. This premium is provided in a single trim level.

Long GT - R is in Japan, Nissan's flagship performance car, Skyline GT - R is known as. The Antarctic version of this sport, please note the calendar for the year 2011 as 2012 models. Ntsusan 2011 GT - R to reduce the lineup, all models will get slightly modified suspension.

Nissan GT-R Spec V Car News 2011

Strategically Nissan GT The third model year, the numbers are down my Spec V is a case that is expected to make a timely entrance in 2011 as a model. Dominic, as well as the United States, you may need to doubt the second year, 2400. 1500 GT - R is the average of the year 2400 cars and Nissan will be graded from the first year of production. The five-year assignment in the U.S. However, GT - R is its legendary status, the volume is somewhat limited specific exceptions. Sports car, it is the second model year can start early. Dominique Larry, responsible for product planning, vice president of Nissan North America, he regularly GT R is a spec and please see how to play out a V-start demand to fall and talk to store say they want to when they die down. The modified suspension, while sitting in the car has distinctive spoke wheels. And visually, the Spec V is a new Furontosupuritta andthe Spec V has a new front splitter . We will be washed away from some of the places said to be 330-220 pounds Extensive use of carbon fiber to expect to learn the details of the specifications in September 2008 decontenting Paris Auto Show is coupled with. In North America, faster, lighter Pafomansusupekku V is to be prepared to wait for a couple model years, more expensive than the traditional sports car. But the car is being sold in Japan since December 2007, it was confirmed that the Spec V will excite buyers in the sale last December. Where the United States, hype, Nissan in 2009 GT R has continued to build in anticipation of selling days in July.