Volvo S80 2010

Both of these levels made a god On the other side, the T6 engine came up with a double turbo charged 2800 cc I6 engine of capacity 2.8 L. The 1st two levels, which came with that car are, the one having a T6 engine having capacity of 2.9 L. This car is built on the Volvo's P2 platform. Moreover, this car is performing well and is becoming very much popular, and its popularity is so much that till the present date, it is continually holding the same place as before.The 1st batch of the Volvo's S80 came on the roads. But this time Volvo decided to not include this wagon style in the new car named Volvo S80. If you notice carefully, then you will see that all the Volvo cars belong to a wagon class. It consists of a front wheel drive system and it was introduced in 1999 for the very first time so as to replace another car of its class, which is the Volvo 960 sedan. The Volvo S80 has 4 doors, and it is such a wonder car, which makes the heads turn around, so as to make the people have another look.

This vehicle consists of all the features including safety, comfort and power, which when combined together will create a luxury, which is Scandinavian. All the above criteria can be very well found in the all new Volvo S80. The company Volvo has once again proved that the thing which maters the most is the luxury, safety and the sophisticated looks.

Volvo S40 2010

Other features of the Volvo S40: Stability and Traction Control (STC), Available Electronically Controlled All Wheel Drive, the Volvo S40 T5 and T5 The optional Climate Package, available on both trims, equips the S40 with heated front seats, rain-sensing wipers, and headlight washers. The T5 trim upgrades by adding a trip computer, front fog lights, automatic climate control, a power driver's seat, and interior wood trim. Standard features include cruise control, alloy wheels, daytime running lights, and an AM/FM stereo with CD player.

The T5 is available in 2WD or AWD mated to a five -speed Geartronic automatic transmission or a six-speed manual. The S40 is offered in two different five-cylinder engines, the 168-hp 2.4L gas engine and the 218-hp 2.5L turbo gas engine, badged 2.4i and T5 respectively. Its 218 horsepower (at 5000 rpm) and 236 lb-ft of torque (between 1500 and 4800 rpm) have almost 750 lbs less car to move than the similar engine in an S60 2.5T AWD. The S40 T5's engine is the familiar 2.5-liter twin-cam, low-pressure turbocharged, intercooled in-line five-cylinder found in most other Volvo lines.

The new Volvo will be available with two new gasoline engines, the 2.4-liter five-cylinder with 168 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque, and as the T5 with the 2.5-liter low-pressure turbo with 218 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. The most noteworthy element with this next-generation S40 is the sculpted shoulder line that starts at the front of the car between the headlights and grille and is carried across the beltline all the way back to the taillights.

Mitsubisi Lacer 2010

Taking As always, the Lancer Evolution's come with a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder MIVEC4 motor producing 295 hp and 300 pound-feet of torque and the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) drive system. Of course, you could go with the Touring version which has a few little extra perks to it for $40,990. And at only $38,990 it's a great price. It also comes with Eibach springs, Bilstein shock absorbers, lightweight brake rotors, and BBS forged-alloy wheels. You can also use the three different modes: Normal, Sport and S-Sport, depending on how aggressive and fast you want to shift. I don't think I lost any torque at all between shifts which is fantastic. It shifts smooth and very quick. It comes with Mitsubishi's new Twin Clutch Sportronic Shift Transmission (TC-SST) which makes driving this car so great. The new MR model is sublime in every way possible. These are all nice and everything, but if you had that extra thousand available, spend on it on what i'm driving today. You can also get the optional spoiler, the HID headlights and the upgraded sound system. The new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is offered in two different versions, one being the GSR which only has a five speed manual transmission, Recaro Sports Seats and Enkei Wheels. Can I get 5 of these to go please? It's quite literally the best blend of performance on the track while giving you a excellent ride for everyday driving, and it definitely proves itself every time you step on the gas. This is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR.
Other available options will include a navigation system with traffic updates, a 710-watt nine speaker sound system, and HID headlamps. The model will have available Mitsubishi's electronic all-wheel drive system. A six-speed magnesium paddle-shifted Continuously Variable Transmission will be available on the ES model and standard on the SE model. A five-speed manual will come standard on the base ES model.

The Outland Sport is expected to have a base price of under $20,000. To save weight, the Outlander Sport comes with recycled plastic front fenders and thinner high-strength steel in the tailgate, doors, and hood. The vehicle is expected to get fuel economy above 30 miles per gallon on the highway and produce low emissions. Its styling draws information from Mitsubishi's Lancer sport and is part of part of Mitsubishi's plan to reposition itself as a maker of smaller and more efficient cars. The Outlander Sport will come with a 2.0-liter, 148 horsepower, and 4-cylinder MIVEC engine.

The streamlining of SUVs into more compact form is a popular automotive trend. The regular Outlander has an available V-6 engine and 7-passenger seating. The 5-seat Sport is 13.6 inches shorter and 440 pounds lighter than the Outlander. The new Outlander Sport is a condensed version of the successful Mitsubishi Outlander SUV.

The Outlander Sport has already been released overseas, where it is known as the Mitsubishi RVR in Asia and the Mitsubishi ASX ("Active Sport Crossover") in Europe. The 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport compact sport-utility vehicle ("SUV") recently made its North American debut at the 2010 New York International Auto Show.