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2011 Ford Escape
The Ford Escape is a great car, but like any car, it can be in serious problems. Only one major problem with your Escape can cost you thousands of dollars to repair warranty if Ford is not there to protect you. If you drive a Ford Escape, you should seriously consider a Ford Extended Warranty for your vehicle to cover.

The Escape is Ford's mid-size SUV with references also make it the urban commuting or weekend suitable off-road tours in the country. The Escape is available in XLS, XLT and Limited trim levels with front-or all-wheel drive. The XLS model has a 171 horsepower 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine coupled with a five-speed gearbox. The XLT and Limited finishing feature the same 2.5 liter engine coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission. A 240 horsepower 3.0 liter V6 is an upgrade available on the Limited models of the Escape. The Escape Hybrid offers buyers an eco-friendly alternative to ordinary SUVs. It's hybrid system provides increased mileage and reduced emissions, while providing all the useful features traditional SUV.

Ford Escape Extended Warranty will protect you if you drive into serious problems with the engine, transmission or another important component. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars, so it is essential that your Escape is protected. Ford produces excellent cars and trucks, but all cars have the potential to run into serious problems. The best way to get piece of mind to give and protect yourself and your Escape for a free quote on a Ford Escape Extended warranty and get an extended warranty for you and your family to see.