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2011 Lexus LFA
It took almost four days to wrap my head around in 2011 Lexus LFA, and if I'm honest, I'm still not halfway through. The combination of ten pregnancies, half a dozen prototype consists of two different materials, high V10 movement that reducing fuels on 9500 rpm and the $ 375,000 price left me incapacitated and trembling in the caffeine and nicotine fueled a fetal position for most of the week. I can not make heads or tails first foray Lexus "in supercardom, simply because they do not exist in the four wheeled world to put it in perspective. Judging by your comments, I'm not alone.

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2011 Porsche 911 Black Edition
Porsche 911 Black Edition offers core 911 principles of distinctive design with inner strength, with high level specifications that emphasizes the iconic style of the car and improves the interior, preserving the authentic character of sports management experience.

Works only in 1911 examples throughout the world, Porsche 911 Black Edition is painted in simple black as standard, with basalt black metallic is available as an option. Electric complex model cabriolet hood trimmed in black cloth. External stresses are granted a 19-inch 911 Turbo II forged wheels, a glossy metallic appearance that perfectly complements the refined elegance of the 911 models. In addition, the wheels provide an unobstructed view of the brake discs, which are naturally paired with black trim, four-piston aluminum monobloc calipers are fixed.

Black letters on stainless steel door guards identifies each record "Black Edition", provides the first hint of high quality interior design with its emphasis on pure sports car value. Inside, the color theme continues outside black leather interior, driver and front with thick rimmed steering wheel SportDesign. Devices naturally remains in black. On the cover of the glove box, an icon indicates a limited production run Porsche 911 Black Edition. In contrast, the decorative fascia strip, shifter and air vents finished in aluminum paint form. Rear center console painted exterior color.

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Ferrari FF 2012
The official site of the Prancing Horse, Ferrari.com revealed the first images of the new Ferrari FF, the company more powerful and versatile four seater ever, and its first drive car with four wheels. FF an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four wheel drive) opens an entirely new concept GT sports car. A decisive break with the past, the new car is not so much an evolution as a revolution. This new V12 fuses an unprecedented scale, very gay, the character of high performance and incredible versatility, superb comfort and sophisticated elegance, providing the driver and passengers a unique experience of driving.

Designed by Pininfarina, the shape and proportions interpret the FF Ferrari perfectly harmonious blend of usability and outstanding sports DNA. The FF system features the company's first four wheel drive. Ferrari's unique, patent 4WD (four wheel drive) weighs 50 percent less than a conventional four wheel drive, maintaining perfect weight distribution (53 per cent on the rear axle). Fully integrated with the car electronic systems for dynamic control, the technology of four wheel drive provides record levels of performance in all terrains and in all conditions through continuous distribution of torque and intelligent predictions for all four wheels. The FF Ferrari is also equipped with the latest magnetorheological damping system (SCM3) as well as the latest development in carbon-ceramic brakes from Brembo.