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Toyota Avalon Limited 2011
Driving the Toyota Avalon gives you the feeling of driving a luxury car, but without paying the price of luxury. From an MSRP of $ 32,445 for the basic package of this car is an alternative for luxury car Entry-level, without losing the luxury feel. The Toyota Avalon is a 3.5 liter V6 6-speed automatic with solid performance and great reliability. EPA estimated 20/29 miles per gallon this car goes well in fuel economy too.

The standard Toyota Avalon comes with a leather-trimmed driver and front passenger seat, reclining rear seats and a backup camera and a power sunroof. The limited edition comes with a smart key system, heated front seats, and therefore the driver's seat and outside mirrors have a memory system and there is also an 8-way power passenger seat. In both models, the interior also includes a multi-function display with information such as outside temperature, instantaneous fuel economy, average fuel economy, distance to empty, average speed and trip computer information. The rear seat is a 60/40 with adjustable headrests and a center armrest with cupholders. Both models come with interior wood-grain-style trim, too.

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