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Chevrolet Crate Engines. And because most people gravitate to the Ford and GM stuff, you shouldn't have any problems with out-of-stock stuff. Fortunately, Dodge made these engines for the better part of three decades, so they are plentiful in crate engine form and also the used market. So for the purpose of this article, that's what I'll focus on. In terms of racing engines and street rods, most people look to "naturally aspired" engines - or more specifically, engines that use a carburetor system rather than fuel injection.

Once you take a look at the benefits of a Chrysler/Dodge/Mopar small block, I'm sure you'll agree. And I think that's a crying shame. Granted people love the big block Hemi (a Dodge masterpiece by all means), but when it comes to small block engines, it seems that Ford and Chevy still get all the love. There aren't many street rod enthusiasts or weekend race warriors who jam Dodge small block engines under their hood.

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Chevrolet Dealers Utah. Scion's mission statement deals with having an economical price, lots of options and great performance wrapped up in one single forward thinking designed car. Slowly but surely, the brand expanded to include most of the country, including Scion dealerships in Utah and across the West. At first, Scions were only available in 105 Toyota dealerships across the country.

Scion has been able to buck the trend, as a branch under the Toyota name, and has turned its two concept vehicles into a successful automotive brand. Enter Scion, introduced a mere six years ago at the New York Auto Show to critical acclaim. Automotive customers are slow to accept a new brand of cars, and most brands go belly up before long. And more often than not, fledgling car companies sink, due to the volatile market. In the world of automotives, there is a sink or swim mentality.