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1965-1966. The first time Shelby GTs were K-code 289 cubic [4.7 liters] V8 Fastbacks had their strength increased from 271 HP to 306 HP. Shelby has ordered 252 units in 1965 Fastbacks for converting a 1966 Shelby GT350. The project itself began in August 1964 and September of the first Shelby GT350s born. The audience was revealed on January 27, 1965. Shelby GT350 also featured Hooly carburetor, Cobra valve covers, intake special Cobra hi-rise manifold, 4-speed manual transmission, side exhausts, Wimbledon white body color with 2 stripes and no back seats, because the requirements of the SCCA [2-door Coupe only]. Overall, there were 562 road legal and GT350 Shelby GT360R 37 units built in 1965. The Shelby GT350R built for racing only. In 1966 the production was built in 2378 GT250s where 4 of them were special convertible to Shelby himself. Some say there were 6 of these convertible, but found 4 numbers correct framework. Shelby concluded an agreement with the Hertz Corporation in 1965 to build a special line 1001 GT350H V8s for "rent runner" program, which helped to expose Shelby Shelby Mustang across the country.

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A lot of people dream of owning a vintage car. When you say classic, it does looks older, elegant and distinctive. There are many applications that are used in the definition of a classic car, but it is basically a classic car as famous for its excellent execution of work, defined build great technology and sophisticated style, such as in the years 1925 to 1948. This definition is actually almost the same as the description of the Classic Car Club of America given. Vintage cars are special cars, which were famous for their high-quality execution of work, fine design and sophisticated technology standards. In general, these vintage cars have been high-especially in their new conditions and prices, limited quantities. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many collectors have their own ideas of what a classic really is. There are certain factors in the determination of a classic look and these factors include the following: volume, custom setups and luxury accessories-one-shot lubrication systems, power brakes, power clutch, etc. There is an endless list of classics-from the brass era, the hard muscle cars of the 60s. You can easily create a series of photos of the Dodge Charger, Mopar muscle cars, Plymouth Barracuda, a Chrysler Airflow and DESOTOS. Other notable classics include the Ford Model A, Model T, the classic Lincoln Continental or the Boss Mustang.