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BMW X8. The original Z07 was designed with production in mind. As a result, regulatory and practical considerations required very few changes to the production model. However, the windshield of the Z8 was extended upward, and a larger front bumper was installed. Both changes were made to achieve aerodynamic stability and a reasonably quiet cabin environment. The four-spoke steering wheel concept car was replaced by a three-spoke design. The roof was changed in a double bubble with a set-up going to a single dome with a truncated convex backside. The concept of the driver's side fairing exotic town was removed to allow easy handling of the top soft power.

Despite these changes, the Z8 remained extremely faithful to the concept car. The direction indicators integrated into side mount side openings so that made them invisible until activated. The simplicity of the crop of the interior was preserved by hiding the modern equipment in the retractable panels. Complex compound curves have been preserved through the use of an expensive MIG-welded frame aluminum space. The Z8 still retains the concept of five-spoke design of the wheel, but without the nut career center lug style.