Dodge Lincoln MKX 2011

Variable timing control of both the The broadened torque curve allows the intake valve to be advanced, delivering about a 10 percent power increase compared to non Ti VCT engines. 2011 Lincoln MKX back right.jpgFor the 2011 MKX, engineers integrated the new 3.7-liter V6 engine (the same engine found in the redesigned 2011 Ford Edge), which uses twin independent variable camshaft timing to increase the vehicle's power and fuel economy. The 2010 Lincoln MKT with EcoBoost continues to provide better gas highway fuel economy 21 mpg than any other all wheel drive vehicle in its class. This tops the vehicle's nearest competitor the Lexus HS 250h by 6 mpg. What's more, Lincoln's first ever hybrid the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in America, delivering 41 mpg in city driving and 36 mpg on the highway. It offers no compromises with best in class fuel economy, horsepower and torque. 2011 Lincoln MKX front right.jpgThe horsepower of the 2011 Lincoln MKX has increased to 305 a 15 percent increase compared to the outgoing product while torque has increased 12 percent to 280 pound-feet. The new 2011 MKX is the latest vehicle to deliver on Lincoln's commitment of industry leading performance and fuel efficiency, Ford VP Derrick Kuzak said in a statement. What's more, the model is more powerful than its competitors.The 2011 Lincoln MKX received final fuel economy certification from the EPA this week, achieving 19 mpg city and 26 mpg highway, with a combined fuel economy of 21 mpg, topping all competitors in its class, including the Lexus RX350, Cadillac SRX and BMW X5.

The Dodge Journey 2011

Just because you've driven through a particular street before does not mean it will still In addition to having clever common sense, it is smart to wear your seatbelt and be cautious when driving through deer crossing areas acknow ledged to have high deer populace. Though most people will not be in their greatest driving mindset during these hours, if you have to to drive during these times, organize ahead of time and get all the sleep, relaxation, or food you require to be in your peak driving condition before striking the highway. These hours are when you must be notably attentive and careful. The hours of the day where there is the most danger of deer collisions is from sundown to midnight and during the hours soon prior to and subsequent to the daybreak. You have to pay close interest to the deer alert signs and modify your speed accordingly. When driving in a deer area, it is imperative to make yourself alert of the surroundings. A good way to begin learning how to dodge deer accidents is to practice defensive driving to evade hitting one. Whether you are living, working or have to journey through country areas, it is imperative to learn how to avoid deer collisions. This is real info that has been recorded by the National Safety Council. In a year, about a hundred deaths and thousands of injuries transpire due to animal related accidents. The bigger the population becomes, accidents and fatality tolls also increases. It is a fact that the deer populace exponentially rises each year.

Dodge Journey Blak 2011

You can get a supercharger of your choice now and then start having stunning rides with your friends and family. More and more air is being forced into the engine which increases the air volume ultimately releasing more power and energy. The supercharger kit is useful in increasing the speed and amount of air movement within the engine with the help of it customized fan blades that spin faster than any others do. However, if you are considering upgrading then certainly you can enjoy enhanced horsepower and performance by applying a supercharger kit. All the vehicles that come under Dodge brand have similar horsepower and fuel efficiency. In short, this brand has produced cars for all purposes and varying roles. There are numerous names that come under this name such as the sprinter van, Durango and nitro which are the SUVs, ram and Dakota are the pickups; viper, challenger, grand caravan, journey, avenger, and caliber are all passenger cars. This brand is marketed and produced in USA. Dodge is an automobile brand which ranges from pickups, sport utility vehicles, minivans, and various other kinds of automobiles. A supercharger is automatically driven compressor that is useful in delivering pressurized air to the vehicle induction chamber. As compared to any turbo charging kit, a supercharger is normally less expensive and also convenient to install. This will be helpful in generating more and additional horsepower. While you are considering adding a complete turbocharger kit or super charger to your vehicle engine can be an extremely good idea.

Dodge Journey 2011

Storage bins under the front-passenger seat cushion and in the second row floor are unique to this vehicle class, and very useful. Other features found on the Journey include standard anti-lock brakes, a DVD/video entertainment system, power mirrors, power windows, and power locks. Power figures for the V6 are two hundred thirty-four horsepower at six thousand four hundred revolutions per minute, and torque output is two hundred thirty-two pound feet at four thousand revolutions per minute. The optional V6 engine returns sixteen miles per gallon in city driving, and twenty-four miles per gallon on the highway.

Environmental Protection Agency figures for each vehicle. These fuel economy figures are the best in the Journey's class when comparing U.S. The engine returns nineteen miles per gallon in city driving, and twenty-five miles per gallon on the highway. The engine delivers one hundred seventy-three horsepower at six thousand revolutions per minute, and torque output is one hundred sixty-six pound feet at four thousand revolutions per minute.

The transmission delivers the engine's power to the front wheels;the Journey is currently not available with all wheel drive when fitted with the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine. The only transmission available is a 4-speed automatic with overdrive. The 2.4L 4 cylinder engine is a dual overhead cam unit with sequential fuel injection. The Journey can be optioned with one of two engines: the base 2.4L 4 cylinder or an optional 3.5L 6 cylinder. The Dodge Journey is Dodge's first car-based SUV; the Journey is built on the Chrysler Sebring/Dodge Avenger platform.

Dodge Caliber 2011

Other standard features on the Dodge Caliber include anti-lock brakes, The Dodge Caliber is noted for its innovative use of storage bins; there are a variety of clever storage features found in the glove compartment, under the seats, and in the back storage area under the hatchback. Performance figures for the 2.4L engine are zero to sixy acceleration in ten and one-half seconds, and the Caliber is able to cover the quarter mile in eighteen and one-tenth seconds with a maximum speed of eighty-one miles per hour. The 2.4L turbo-charged engine produces eighty-three more horsepower than the normally aspirated 2.4L, and returns fuel economy of nineteen miles per gallon in city driving and twenty-seven miles per gallon on the highway. Compared to the 1.8L base engine, the 2.4L garners twenty-four more horsepower while surrendering one mile per gallon less fuel economy in both city and highway driving.

The 2.4L returns fuel economy of twenty-three miles per gallon in city driving, and twenty-nine miles per gallon on the highway. The engine produces one hundred seventy-two horsepower at six thousand revolutions per minute, and one hundred sixty-five pound feet of torque at four thousand four hundred revolutions per minute. The 2.4L 4 cylinder features a dual overhead cam valve train and sequential fuel induction; the engine's power is transmitted through a five speed manual transmission to the front wheels. The Caliber can be outfitted with a 1.8L, 2.4L, or 2.4L turbo-charged engine. The Dodge Caliber is a small four door hatchback with an elevated seating position similar to an SUV or crossover.

Volkswagen Passat Chocolate 2011

The resemblance is plain to the eye; the V-shaped grille (the new face of VW cars from here on), raked side profile, and the high but truncated boot lid spells junior Passat rather than booted Golf, and perhaps recognising that the rest of the world have different preferences compared to Europe, VW has applied a generous amount of chrome on the radiator grille and copied the Passat's 'brilliant' LED rear lamp design, both of which might just prove to be a big hit But instead of just grafting on a boot to the Golf, every panel aft of the B-pillars is distinct to the Jetta, and for inspiration, VW looked to big brother Passat. With the underpinnings all well and sorted, the styling would have to be the major factor. The new Jetta based on the Mk5 Golf- is supposed to change all that. Closer to home, the Bora has lived a relatively quiet existence, regarded by many as 'boring' next to its more illustrious hatchback sibling and the iconic Beetle. In fact, the Jetta has the rare distinction of being launched first in North America before Europe, and it is only produced in Mexico. In America where additional space of whatever form in an automobile is always welcomed, the Jetta (that's Bora for the rest of the world) is the most popular European passenger car for many years running, accounting for 40 per cent of all Volkswagens sold there. Outside the continent of Europe, four-door saloons are generally more popular over hatchbacks. The name change isn't just for kicks.

Volkswagen Passat 2011

The Four Wheel Drive Volkswagen group also has With this, you can safely assume that the older cars would be much cheaper compared to the MK6 version, if at all you are looking for the used Volkswagen Passat. In fact Volkswagen reports that it has seen better sales of MK6 version compared to any previous models of the Volkswagen Passat. With that, the new Passat is given a luxurious looks along with the other perks that would be soon discussed. Many experts say that Volkswagen has changed the design of MK6 such that it deviates a lot from the design of the Volkswagen Passat B5.5 and is more deviated towards the famous Volkswagen luxury car, the Volkswagen Phaeton. A Brief About The Design Factor There are a few things that can be told about the design of this car too. This particular car is also referred by many people as the 3C version and also B6. MK6 version is built upon the famous and very stable MK5 platform. It was in 2005 during the Geneva Motor Show that the Volkswagen Passat MK6 was first introduced, and late that summer it was available throughout the Europe. If you are planning on buying a used Volkswagen Passat, then probably this small guide should help you. For the same reason, we'd be talking about the MK6 version of the famous car from Volkswagen; the Volkswagen Passat. Introducing The Brand New Volkswagen Passat MK6 It is important to understand as much as possible about a car before buying it, and you'd agree to that.

Ford Ranger 2010 Silver

The addition Ranger also has a tire pressure monitoring system to ensure tires are always properly inflated. To help prevent roll over and make the vehicle easier to control the Ranger is equipped with Electronic Stability Control standard. In addition to the side curtain airbags, Ford has equipped the Ranger with 4 ABS disk brakes standard for the first time in its production history. The Ranger has not been bumper bash or rear side impact tested by the NHTSA. The IIHS gives the Ranger an acceptable crash offset rating, which is the second highest rating on its four rating scale. Since 1998 the Ranger has received an acceptable rating from the IIHS, and the 2010 model is no exception. Ranger received a 3 out of 5 rollover resistance rating, which is comparable to other trucks in its class. The new side curtain air bags have not yet received a crash test rating, and the rear jump seats are not considered to be particularly safe. Ranger also has a 5 out of 5 front side impact rating. The Ranger has received a 5 out of 5 driver's side frontal crash rating and a 4 out of 5 passenger's side frontal crash rating from the NHTSA. Ford has updated the Ranger's safety features for 2010 with disk brakes and side curtain airbags to protect occupants from injury in a side-impact or rollover situation. As the first small truck to feature dual airbags, Ranger has always led the small and mid-sized pickup truck market in safety, and the 2010 model is no exception.

The New 2011 Ford

Chevy Cruze. Its 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder is lighter and more powerful than the Fiesta and it, too, should deliver 40 mpg on the highway, clearly the leading vehicle in the compact class. Other winners are likely to be as follows: Ford Fiesta. Its 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine already provides best in class (subcompact) fuel economy, 40 mpg on the highway or 33 mpg combined. The Volt may also edge out the Prius although it is an electric car with a supplemental gas engine. Figure that the Leaf's equivalent fuel economy numbers will be in excess of 100 mpg when the calculation methods have been finalized. Come December, the pure electric Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt will debut, with the former expected to dethrone the Prius. The top fuel efficient cars will once again be hybrid models with the Toyota Prius retaining its position for a few more months. Automakers can call whatever comes out in a calendar year the following year's model year, even if the car goes on sale on January 1. I say "updated" because the 2011 models have been released throughout 2010, with the last of them expected to roll out in December. Over the coming weeks, the fuel economy numbers will be updated to reflect the release of the remaining 2011 model year vehicles.

Mazda to Debut BT-50 Color Yyellow 2011

The cut features different tracks; each blended with a verbal back Meanwhile, Mack Please fuses classic jazz with today's sound. Slang-A-Ball is a fact- based, slamming urban narrative about growing up in the shadow of hustling - the lure of selling dope tempered by knowing the consequences. The use of 'mafia sound' and Spanish guitar is also a tribute to Chi's rich history and diversity. By calling out street names and neighborhoods and using slang like "land of the ballers and champagne callers," he gives a nod to the local scene. The opening track, This is Chicago, pays homage to PonyPak's hometown and its deep-rooted people. The 12 original tracks that make up Words Are Power: Volume 1 are filled with raw honesty sheathed in hope. A recent Channel 19 Access performance in Chicago attracted a record number of viewers ranging from college students to 30-somethnig professionals. Urban Intelligence is the message he wants to convey to his large following, both young and old. It is not his style. Fans won't find any profanity in PonyPak's words. That early start helped him develop a style that is pure PonyPak: thought-provoking, non-violent and perceptive lyrics set to the hottest beats coming out of Chi-Town. His new CD release, Words Are Power: Volume 1, is trailblazing a unique style of Rap music PonyPak started DJ-ing and mixing house music tapes when he was in the eighth grade. With ten years of street battles and night club gigs behind him, Chicago rapper and hip-hop artist PonyPak is now a veteran in his field.

Mazda BT 50 Pickup First Details 2011

This is A Les Paul "sounds" distinctly different from a Strat. Tone The first most apparent difference between the two guitars lies in the tone that each produces. Amp Compatibility Weight Feel 4. Pickups. Tone. Some of the comparisons that can be made between the Strat and the Les Paul involve differences in. But to the guitar aficionado the differences are many.They both are hunks of wood with six strings, that plug into an amplifier to make music. To the un-trained eye these two guitars have quite a lot in common. Nothing else would do. If you played rock and roll, you were either a Strat guy or a Les Paul player.

Back in the day, when I first started playing guitar, the picture was much clearer. But quite often, the world revolves around two opposing forces, day verse night, high tide verses low tide, summer verses winter all with varying degrees of in-betweeness. Politics has its independents, cars have Toyota and Honda fans, anglers have fly fishermen, and guitarists have Ibanez, PRS, Yamaha and more. It is, of course, not all black and white, and there are always off-shoots in any discipline. Stratocaster players verses Les Paul supporters.

In the guitar world, you often have two opposing legions. In the fishing world you have those who prefer inshore fishing, and those who are fans of off shore angling. In automotive circles you have Ford people, and you have Chevy people. In the political world you have republicans, and you have democrats.

Mazda BT 50

An all-new dashboard design includes a three-dial instrument cluster with silver rings around each meter, a silver-look centre stack, silver gear shift knob face and chrome-plated door handles for a strong sense of sophistication. Passenger-car quality is delivered on the inside with improved fit and finish everywhere you look. The front end has a new one-piece fascia that contains the grille, bumper, headlamps and fog lamps and does away with the protruding bumper of most commercial vehicles, lending the entire vehicle a solid look.

Available in three different body types – Regular Cab (two seats, long cargo bed), Freestyle Cab (four seats, centre-opening doors) and Double Cab (two front seats, three bench-type rear seats) – it has a longer body, taller door panels and cargo box sides, and major reductions in gap tolerances, for a solid yet stylish appearance. Sophistication and Strength On the outside, the new Mazda BT-50 has a design that communicates strength and high build quality.

Not only is the new pickup just as practical and tough as its predecessor, it has more power, uses less fuel and pampers occupants with sedan-like interior comfort and quality. With the launch of the all-new BT-50, Mazda introduces new Zoom-Zoom attributes to its long and successful B-Series tradition that has seen 110,000 pickups sold in Europe and well over 3,000,000 worldwide.